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You realized that current forms of promotion aren`t good enough? Do you want to try something new? We offer photo and video marketing that is one of the most significant trends in promotional activites right now. Well-made video plus good photographs plus Internet equal amazing results and reaching wide group of your potential customers and partners.



Do you want to show your company in eye-catching way? Are you Meeting your potential partner? Remeber, first impression is everything! Use some out-of-the-box solutions. Photos or promotional video are great substitute for docs, manuals or boring presentations. There`s a reason why we claim that photo can say a thousand words. Each of them with different story!




TV commercial makes one-sided communication. Photo&video marketing is highly interactive. How? People can react instantly by using messages, comments, likes and shares.



We have some propositions for you. We can arrange photo session, preapre a video showing your company`s backstage, present products and services that you offer and make many kinds of videos: corporate, manual and commemorative ones.



Our specialty is virtual tour, that makes your offer more attractive by presenting a place or object in a very unique way. This interactive form of presentation will be the best choice for objects like hotels, guesthouses, restaurants, wedding halls, recreational objects, real estate for sale/rental, museums or monuments.



Creating a photo&video content  isn`t the end. It is crucial to make it present and popular online by distributing and positioning. We can do it for you as well!



Event marketing is a quite new and underrated trend in Poland. This is fast developing way of promotion of brands, companies, ideas that has increasing role in building relations with clients. Why? This is a great way to directly face people and thanks to that: build image of the company or brand.



We can`t treat event marketing as a one and only way of promoting brand outside the company. Good relations with clients are important but what is also very important are our own employees. It is crucial to take care about motivating them and providing them chance to integrate.



If you want to organize a conference, media briefing or awayday for your employees, you are in a right place. Our event team will take care of idea, organization and coordination of your event. We are aware that the whole event and its communication has to be consistent with your company`s values and mission. It makes an event unique and personalized. Forms of event marketing are limited only with imagination and creativity. And we own plenty of them.



Remeber! It is hard to imagine good event without proper advertising or public relations! 😉




Find out what we can design for you. We have skills in making creative graphic designs – very important part of visual communication. We think, we design, we implement. Our skills are highly useful both in introducing brand to the market as well as in rebranding and redesigning.



Do you organize a conference for your Partners? Or maybe you display your company in fairs? We can design a stall, prepare and produce gadgets with your logo. You can stand out this way!



If you prefer adversiting in traditional media we can help as well. We are aware that press ,TV and radio ads still can reach a huge audience, including your potential clients. To make it as efficient as possible we will define your target group, pick suitable medium and build a campaign from the ground.



If you have something customized in mind, we can work out the concept of creative outdoor advert. We prepare it from top to bottom and we will be monitoring its results. Remember that we can make so much more than billboards and banners!



Newsletter or mailing? We can prepare an e-mail marketing campaign of your choice and distribute it to your recipients base. We can suport you with concept, graphic design, copywriting, preparing recipient base. We can also send mailing, analyze it afterwards and examine its impact on conversion. E-mail marketing is still one of the most efficient tools to reach customers.



We help you to build a website adjusted to your business and image goals. Along with graphic designers and web developers we take care of your website`s layout, visual elements and content, paying special attention to rules of positioning.




Social media are driving force when it comes to selling products, services and gaining customers` trust. We have wide experience in managing communication on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram and Pinterest. If you trust us, we will help you to build a brand reach and gather comitted community.



Do you think your clients aren`t able to gogle your website? Give us a chance and we use SEO tools to promote your website to make it as visible as possible. We can conduct a SEO audit of your website, implement positioning tools and help you create content and pick keywords to make your website optimized.



Content marketing is a king. According to that we will willingly run any kind of blog focusing on releasing well-quality content related to company`s activity.



It is hard to be present online without any advertising support. We plan and run advertising campaings for you brand, both in social media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram) and AdWords. We can cooperate on your behalf with digital influencers: bloggers and vloggers.




Customized press releases, advertorials and expert commentaries made by experienced team of copywriters will help you be present both in mass media and online.



For a many years now we create and update our own media bases: all-Poland, foreign and local ones. It allows us to reach wide target group and therefore build and sustain long-term and friendly relations with journalists and editorial offices. This is, of course, our bread and butter.



We help you establish your business goals and based on them we prepare schedule of media relations campaign. Our team gladly help you with every step of the campaign: concept, planning, budgeting and realization.


We monitor each campaign we undertook, both in press and on the Internet. Results of monitoring are analyzed so that next campaigns can be even more effective and achieve goals that you set.



We can run an online press room for your company: we answer each question and request from journalists, we match all press releases, photos and other communication materials so that they create a whole, consistent and interesting image of your brand.



Nowadays, when the Internet is everywhere, many people share information about employers on forums, blogs and social media. Good reputation is crucial! It allows to bring the most talented employees aboard and work out better relations inside your company. We willingly help you with employer branding activites. We evolve a communication strategy and implement it into areas you need. We turn your employees into ambassadors of your company.



If your company is brand new on the market or if you deal with reorganization, we would be happy to create a corporate identity. Our graphic designers will do their best to pick and design suitable logo, tone of colours and plan of using them in communication materials.

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